Mulyana: A Man, A Monster and The Sea

A Man, A Monster and The

September 21, 2019 ​– ​March 15, 2020

Mulyana’s A Man, A Monster and The Sea is comprised of three immersive environments that depict oceanic life. To create his vibrant portrayal of an unadulterated underwater world, Mulyana repurposes yarn and employs diverse communities of knitters in Indonesia. He considers the act of knitting and crocheting as a form of meditation and prayer. The collaborative process of making the components of his installations invokes ideas of spirituality, togetherness, and a communal ethos. The central character of Mulyana’s mythology, the Mogus (monster), represents his alter-ego and along with other marine creatures he creates, is a metaphor for the fragile diversity of the coral reefs that provide crucial sustenance and protection to all forms of sea life, and are being destroyed at a rapid pace by human intervention.

This exhibition was organized by the Orange County Museum of Art and guest curated by John Silvis.


Mulyana: A Man, A Monster and The Sea (installation view), 2019-20; Orange County Museum of Art, Santa Ana, CA. Photo: Juliana Paciulli.
Muylana, Satu (installation view), 2018; mixed media; dimensions variable; Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Juliana Paciulli.