Covid greeting cards

Covid greeting cards

Let friends and family know "you're all in this together," with online Covid greeting cards. Send quarantine-themed cards with instant tracking and no ads, and stay connected without ever leaving your house

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The pandemic has caused us to spend so much time apart from loved ones, friends, and family. It’s only normal to feel a little isolated during this time, but making an effort to stay connected can make all the difference. Sending a thank you, get well soon, or thinking of you card can help to brighten someone’s day. (And keep your connections strong!) If you’re wondering how to send thoughtful notes or words of encouragement during pandemic times, covid greeting cards are a great place to start.

Why send Covid greeting cards?

Paperless Post has a wide selection of themed Coronavirus greeting cards, from designs with masks and hand sanitizer to illustrations representing your quaranteam. There’s something for everyone. Send “missing you” cards to friends who are miles away because of the pandemic, or send “hang in there” notes to loved ones you know are having a hard time. Send covid encouragement cards to someone applying for a new job with a “You’ve got this!”

If anyone you know comes down with Covid-19, send “get well soon” messages to let them know you’re thinking of them. Or simply send a “greetings from quarantine” card with pictures of your latest at-home shenanigans. Even for birthdays, you can send a covid-themed greeting card with women wearing masks to lighten up the situation. After all, celebrating your birthday during a pandemic is not ideal, so a little humor helps.

What to write in covid greeting cards?

During such a stressful time, it can be hard to find the right words to say. Thankfully, our helpful templates make it easy to send Covid 19 greeting cards. Our greetings have a variety of messages to choose from. From humorous to sentimental, we have the perfect card for whoever’s day you’re making. Simply pick a message that you like best, customize the words as much or as little as you’d like, and send! It’s that easy.

Send a thank you to essential workers

“Thank you essential workers!” is a phrase we can’t possibly say enough. When you’re sending out covid greetings, don’t forget to thank the ones who deserve it most. From nurses and doctors to frontline workers like delivery drivers and grocery store workers, these people in our lives deserve a HUGE thank you. Even a simple greeting card can go a long way to make their day.

Why you should send Covid 19 greeting cards online?

The best part about Paperless Post’s covid greeting cards is that you can send them without ever leaving your house. When it’s safer to stay at home, digital cards let you skip the trip to the store or the mailbox. Digital cards are easy to customize and send in just a minute or two. You’ll save paper, time, and money—that you can use for all your other new found quarantine hobbies. Homemade pasta, anyone?

Even better, once you send Coronavirus greeting cards online you can track them instantly. No more worrying about them getting lost in the mail. You’ll know for sure exactly when your card arrives and is opened by your recipient. They can even respond back to your greeting to start a conversation.